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Looking for Monday to Friday Timeslots?


* At this time we are able to book UP TO 6 months in advance

Make your birthday, or any celebration special with a KidsPOP! Party Package!

Each package includes 90 minutes of exclusive use of our party room, play passes for each Kid, pizza, drinks, and cupcakes! 
The best part is you can come before and play in the playground till after your party within our operating hours.

10 Kid Party is $299 + HST which includes:

  • 2 XL cheese or pepperoni pizzas 
  • 10 drinks including pop, juice or water
  • 10 cupcakes 
  • All the necessary partyware (plates, napkins and cutlery)

Need more?!?

15 Kid Party is $349 + HST which includes:

  • 3 XL cheese or pepperoni pizzas
  • 15 drinks including pop, juice or water
  • 15 cupcakes 
  • All the necessary partyware (plates, napkins and cutlery)

Before Checking out, you can also choose to:

  • Add a kid to the fun!
  • Purchase more Pizza for your party 
  • Upgrade the decorations with a balloon feature by Floating Creations!


Can I get a discount if I want to bring fewer kids than the package includes?

Unfortunately we can not offer discounts on our packages.

Can I sign our waivers ahead of time?

Yes you can please Click Here for our waiver. By signing our waiver for each guest ahead of the party you won't need to wait longer than necessary to begin your celebration.

Please forward the waiver to each guests parent or guardian to fill out.

Can my guests play before or after our party starts?

As long as it is within our business hours & we don't have a private booking your guests are welcome to use the playground for as long as you like.

For Party Room bookings, we will have the room ready for your Party starting at the time you reserved.